Placenta Encapsulatio‚Äčn

Over the course of the mothers pregnancy her and her baby's placenta are exchanging hormones. After the birth of the baby & the placenta all of those hormones are gone, causing hormonal alterations in the mother. This major drop in hormones can range from minute to severe in how the mother is feeling psychologically and emotionally. Through Placenta Encapsulation the mother is able to reintroduce those hormones that were lost, making for a much easier transition into the postpartum period.

(Pricing Starts at $200. Umbilical Cord Keepsake is Provided with all Packages)

  • Stabilizes hormones
  • Increases iron levels, therefore significantly decreases the instance of postpartum anemia
  • Helps the uterus shrink down to its non pregnant state sooner
  • Decreased Postpartum hemorrhaging
  • Increase milk production
  • Increase your energy levels 

The turnaround time from the time the processing of the placenta to the end product takes 24-72 hours. I offer flavored capsules at no additional cost. Flavored capsules are subject to availability. 

Placenta encapsulation as well as all other placenta processes are adherent to OSHA safety regulations. A sterile environment is maintained during the entirety of placenta processing to ensure safety of all clients. No more than one placenta is processed at at time.   

Placenta Salve:($25)

A placenta salve is an ointment like healing balm. The salve contains the healing properties of your placenta, comfrey, calendula, olive oil, and beeswax.

Placenta Tincture:(FREE)

A placenta tincture is made with your placenta, steeped in a high grade alcohol. Placenta tinctures are commonly used for: PMS symptoms, hormone regulation, and can be stored for long term use. Placenta Tinctures are offered complementary upon request with your placenta encapsulation package.

Placenta Print: (FREE)

 Placenta prints can be created with natural food grade dye or a blood print can be made if desired. Placenta Prints are offered complementary upon request with your placenta encapsulation package.

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